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Transsexualität – Tagebuch einer transsexuellen Frau

Dein Engel sein

und so wie das Jahr endete, soll das Jahr beginnen, geben wir das Wort an die gute Celine Dion ab, die wie immer besser ausdrücken kann, was ich nicht zu sagen in der Lage bin. Weil Träume wahr werden können und weil ich nie aufhören will, das Unvorstellbare für möglich zu halten…….

No mountain’s too high for you to climb
All you have to do is have some climbing

No river’s too wide for you to make it across
All you have to do is believe it when you pray
And then you will see the morning will come
And every day will be bright as the sun
All of your fears cast them on me
I just want you to see

I’ll be your cloud up in the sky
I’ll be your shoulder when you cry
I’ll hear your voices when you’re calling
I’m your angel
And when all hope is gone I’m here
No matter how far you are I’m near
It makes no difference who you are
I am your angel
I’m your angel

I saw your teardrops and I heard you cry
All you need is time
Seek me and you shall find
You have everything and you’re still lonely
It don’t have to be this way
Let me show you a better day
And then you will see the morning will come
And all your days will be bright as the sun
So all of your fears just cast them on me
How can I make you see?

And when it’s time to face the storm
I’ll be there by your side
This place will keep us safe and warm
And I know we will survive
And when it seems as if forever’s drawing near(the end is drawing near)
Don’t you dare give up the fight
Just put your trust beyond the sky

(Celine Dion – I’m your angel)


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